ESS/MSS Leave Requests

Manager Self-Service (MSS) was rolled out starting in January 2018 to a full launch in June to help supervisors view information about their team in a convenient and secure way. More than 1,700 managers now have the ability to view vacation and absence data, supervisory relationships and university training information for their teams via a new module in the existing Employee Self-Service (ESS) suite of online services. A vacation and leave request component will be added to MSS in 2018-2019. By using MSS, the University is projected to save over $550,000 in people hours during the first year and over $970,000 in three years.


  • Manager (MSS) vacation and team calendar reports released to all managers & supervisors at U of T (1700+ individuals) in July 2018.
  • New structured position creation process implemented in June 2018 to prevent future system hierarchy errors.
  • Solution identified for allowing MSS access to “casual” employee managers; proof of concept underway with anticipated fix launching in Q1 2019.
  • Pilot of Employee Self Serve leave request underway in Q1 2019 with central ITS, Finance and HR.
  • Opt-in roll-out of ESS leave request (without manager substitution) now available to all remaining divisions at the university

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  • Convenient access to self-service leave requests (vacation, sick, personal, training, bereavement leave) for USW, Confidential, PM and RA/SRA staff in the first phase.
  • Ability for managers to approve requests online.
  • Automated recording of leave requests in HRIS.
  • New vacation reports and team calendars (displaying absences for team) for managers.