Enterprise Service Centre (ServiceNow)

The HR Service Desk software (ServiceNow) will help to streamline over 40,000 annual HR service requests, through a central, shared services unit. The system is expected to eventually manage and track approximately 70% of all standard HR inquiries, and empower staff to complete basic HR functions – ultimately allowing HR practitioners to perform more strategic tasks.


  • Completed vendor review and selected ServiceNow (SN) for Human Resources.
  • RFP for implementation services complete. Selected vendor to begin implementation workshops in April 2019.
  • Detailed analysis of payroll issues and central forms for implementation complete.
  • Change management and consultation activity planning is underway; several Functional User Groups have been established to validate requirements and progress throughout the project
  • Analysis and determination of central HR email channels to be linked to ServiceNow is complete
  • Content analysis and migration of content to ServiceNow from the HR & Equity website is underway
  • Estimated launch Service Desk proof of concept by Q3 2019


  • Deployment of Shared Services Help desk streamlining all inquiries. Potential for AskHR – one email address for employee inquiries.
  • Online knowledge base allowing for convenient, self-service help.
  • Conversion of approximately 80+ PDF forms to fillable online forms routed to the appropriate HR unit for resolution.
  • Investigation of options to use Service Desk software for high risk Case Management for HR.